While baguettes are a staple in French cuisine, it can be challenging to come up with creative ways to use them. Too often, home chefs will purchase a baguette for a specific recipe, use some of it, and let the rest go to waste. Instead of throwing that loaf in the trash, you can learn some delicious recipes using baguettes so that none of it goes uneaten.

Finding New Baguette Recipe Ideas

Baguettes are used in France for hundreds of recipes. American chefs, on the other hand, have a difficult time finding a place for them outside of a submarine sandwich. If you have part of a baguette laying around after assembling your sub, there are several interesting ways to enjoy it.

If you’re wondering what to do with a baguette, we recommend three options: create a traditional French sandwich, serve an open-faced appetizer, or enjoy the bread as a side dish. 

Try Traditional French Recipes Using a Baguette

Save the turkey and tomato for another time and try a traditional sandwich recipe instead. There are several sandwiches the French love, like the Jambon-Beurre, Tartine, and Pan Bagnat.

Assembling Jambon Beurre

This sandwich is one of the most popular recipes using a baguette, and for good reason. Jambon beurre combines three simple ingredients, a baguette, ham, and butter. The flavor of jambon beurre is simple but delicious, with a combination of rich and salty flavors.

The baguette provides a crisp and crusty texture, while the butter adds a creamy and slightly sweet taste. The ham is typically a high-quality, thinly-sliced cured ham, which contributes a savory and smoky flavor. The overall taste of jambon beurre is both satisfying and comforting, making it a wonderful addition to your repertoire.

The French Tartine

This time, we’ll get a little more complicated by swapping our three ingredients for five. The tartine is usually served on an open-faced baguette covered in goat cheese, roasted red peppers, roasted yellow peppers, and basil. This sandwich combines complex flavors and textures to deliver a sandwich that is more than the sum of its parts.

Pan Bagnat

Pan bagnat is a traditional sandwich that combines tuna, tomatoes, onion, and olives. The tuna and vegetables are bathed in olive oil and vinaigrette before being put into the sandwich. A pan bagnat is usually wrapped and allowed to chill overnight, giving the bread time to absorb the deliciousness. This slow melding of flavors makes this sandwich one of the best baguette recipe ideas ever.

Explore Open-Faced Options

Once you’re comfortable getting away from sandwiches, try some traditional open-faced options like crostini or bruschetta. These dishes go just a few steps past charcuterie but are still extremely approachable for any home chef. The only thing you need to make your baguette into crostini is some olive oil and salt. Simply slice your bread, brush it with oil, and place it in the oven. The best part about crostini is that you can use any toppings you like. Try using:

  • Spreads, dips, and sauces
  • Soft cheeses
  • Jellies and jams
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Leafy greens and herbs

Bruschetta is like crostini, but the bread is usually grilled instead of baked. Most bruschetta recipes combine tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil. However, you can use your favorite toppings for this recipe too.

Enjoy the Baguette By Itself

What’s wrong with enjoying a few pieces of bread with oil or butter? In fact, the French are known for tearing off the end of a baguette for a quick snack right after they buy it.

You can slice a high-quality baguette and serve it alongside some olive oil, salted butter, or pesto for a lovely appetizer, snack, or side dish. Stop worrying about what to make with a baguette and just tear off a few, lovely pieces. 

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