For many people, early morning is the most hectic time of day. From picking out your outfit to getting the kids ready for school—many simply skip breakfast. However, studies show that eating breakfast not only boosts energy, but it also contributes to overall good health, so it’s best to take the time for it when you can. Pan breads are a particularly delicious snack that can make your morning a moment to savor.  

What is Pan Bread?  

Pan bread is a breakfast bread made from lower hydrated, yeasted dough. Pan loaves have a tighter crumb, making them ideal for toasting and sandwich making. Pan loafs are more flavorful that standard grocery store breads and add luxurious sensibility to the breakfast table. While pan breads are available at most supermarkets, it’s best to get them fresh from a pan loaf bakery.  

Why Source from a Pan Loaf Bread Bakery?  

Supermarket pan bread technically meets the definition of pan bread, but they’re far from the highest quality. Sourcing your pan loaves from a specialized artisan bakery ensures you can take advantage of all pan bread has to offer, including its increased nutritional value and unparalleled freshness.  


Bread can sit in a grocery store for days at a time, but bakery bread is made fresh each morning. Fresh bread tastes noticeably better than bread that’s been going stale on a shelf. You won’t have to worry about checking the ‘best by’ date at a bakery.  

Avoid Preservatives: 

Supermarket breads often include preservatives to keep them from going bad while they wait to be sold. Some of these preservatives, like potassium bromate, have been linked negative side effects and health problems. Bakery bread doesn’t use preservatives because it is made to be sold on the same day.  


Most bakeries carry more than one type of pan bread, and artisan bakeries often put their own unique spin on loaves that you can’t find anywhere else. Sourcing your bread from a bakery keeps things fresh—literally and figuratively.  

Support Small Business:

There’s nothing better than supporting local businesses and investing in your community. Sourcing your bread from a local bakery helps build up their reputation and keep them in business.  

Why Use Bakery Pan Bread?   

Using pan bread as your go-to breakfast bread not only tastes delicious, but also provides a number of health benefits. Pan breads from artisan bakeries use healthier ingredients and usually have lower sodium content, which can help avoid conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease.  

Pan breads are also high in fiber, which aids in digestion and can prevent inflammation. Making the switch to bakery pan bread in your recipes makes it easier to stick to a healthier diet and avoid unnecessary sugars and additives that are found in many quick breakfast options.   

Elevate Your Mornings with Backwards Bread Co.  

At Backwards Bread, we focus on quality and nutrition. We offer a mouth-watering variety of pan breads, including honey cracked wheat, cinnamon raisin, brioche, marble rye, craisin wild rice, and gluten-friendly buckwheat. Our mission is to create affordable and delicious baked goods for the entire community.   

Explore our menu to see our current offerings and check out our events calendar to see where we’re headed next! Feel free to contact us with any questions, place an order, or to learn about our catering services.