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For delicious and wholesome baked goods in St. Cloud, you’ll need to visit Backwards Bread Co. We founded Backwards Bread in 2016, but our obsession with artisan breads, buns, and pastries goes way back. We recognized the need in our area for nutritious, handcrafted products and have been supplying them ever since. After acquiring the Collegeville Artisan Bakery in Fall of 2017, we’ve expanded our operation to provide more families with nourishing breads and unique treats. Our bakery provides you with artisan breads using old world techniques. We’ve sacrificed time and preservatives to provide more families with nourishing breads and unique treats.

You can easily find us kneading away on St. Cloud’s south side. We prepare our array of delectable artisan breads, buns, and pastries fresh every day. Stop by to experience the difference and fall in love with our hearty baked goods. Our shop is easy to spot, sitting at 3360 Southway Drive in St. Cloud. If you have any trouble finding us, just give us a call and we’ll give you a hand.

You can also find the products from our storefront at various locations across town. These locations include our local vendors, restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes. Additionally, Backwards Bread Co. offers delightful breads through local farmers, CSA programs, and local farmers markets.

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3360 Southway Drive
St. Cloud, MN 56301


Monday (pastries only) 
7:00 am - 1:00 pm
Tuesday - Saturday
7:00 am - 1:00 pm