Organic Sourdough

Every organic sourdough bread starts with all organic ingredients. Once the dough is mixed using our sourdough starter, it will go through a 48-hour process of developing gluten, shaping, proofing, and baking. This is the bread that sets us apart…no cut corners. All wild fermentation gives this bread a great, old-world flavor.

We offer many wonderful flavor combinations so you can serve bread with every dish. We recommend our Whole Wheat Sourdough as an all-around selection, but feel free to get adventurous. Our Apple Cinnamon Raisin is sweet and robust, while our Black Olive Garlic loaf delivers a rich and salty flavor profile for those who are looking for a punch. You may also choose to indulge in our Cheddar Garlic, which will leave you wondering how you didn’t come to us sooner for our organic sourdough.

When you purchase from Backwards Bread, you’re supporting a locally owned business right here in St. Cloud. Whether you choose to stop by our store or enjoy our bread from a vendor, we appreciate you supporting local business. But be sure to act quickly to get the organic bread that your heart most desires.

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Whole Wheat

Walnut Date Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon Raisin

Black Olive Garlic

Cheddar Garlic

Molasses Rye

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