When it comes to formal dinners, the focus tends to fall on the main dish—whether it’s roast chicken or salmon. No good dinner is complete, however, without bread. Incorporating artisan bread from a local bakery into your dinner party rotation is a great way to impress your guests and make your meal memorable.

Side Breads 

Serving bread as a side helps keep your guests satisfied between courses as they chat with friends and family. Some breads, like sourdough, even have qualities that make them more easily digestible than other bread types, making them an ideal appetizer.  

Organic Sourdough 

Sourdough bread uses a fermented starter of water and flour to produce a flavorful bread that keeps easily. Its chewy texture and old-world charm rank it among the best breads to serve as a side, as it keeps guests satisfied without filling them up before dinner. In addition to its mouth-watering flavor, sourdough breads are easily incorporated into all sorts of bread recipes, including walnut date cinnamon rolls and cheddar garlic loafs.  

Pan Loaf Bread 

Pan loaf breads are, as the name suggests, baked in a bread pan or tin. During baking, the pan provides structure to the bread as it rises, resulting in a more uniform, easily sliced loaf. Slices of pan breads make excellent sides both before and during dinner, and adventurous bakers can try their hand at more exotic variants of pan bread, including brioche, marble rye, and cinnamon raisin loafs. 

Breads to Serve with Dinner  

Preparing for a dinner party can be overwhelming, and bread is often left by the wayside while party planners focus on the main dish. Taking the time and energy to pick up bread from a local artisan bakery, however, ensures your dinner guests have something delectable to sample while they mingle with guests or enjoy the main course. Look for these breads at your local bakery:  


Baguettes are a classic French bread characterized by their long form and crunchy crust. Most baguettes are around 60 centimeters long, but they can measure up to a meter in length. Because of their airy interior and crunchy exterior, baguettes make excellent dipping breads, especially for olive oil.  


Focaccia is an Italian artisan bread, prepared as a flatbread rather than in a loaf. It’s usually cut into small squares and served with a wide variety of toppings including rosemary, peppers, olives, and herbs.  


Batard bread is another French bread, similar to the baguette. It has a crispy exterior crust and a chewy, airy interior, but it is much shorter than a baguette, measuring less than a foot in length. The Batard is a great option for party planners that want the dip-ability of a baguette in a more compact, conservative package.  

Elevate Your Meal with Backwards Bread 

Dropping premade breads for custom recipes from an artisan bakery can easily turn a relatively average dinner party into an unforgettable night. If you don’t have time to try out a recipe on your own or want to leave the baking to the experts, Backwards Bread Baking Co. has plenty of delicious options to choose from. Check out our online menu for an up-to-date selection of our current offerings.   

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