Dana Bread

The Dana Bread Program

Good Bread for Good People


The Dana Bread Program provides a community opportunity to practice gratitude and enjoy delicious bread at a price everyone can afford. We offer several loaves every day and ask you to pay what you can for them.


With the Dana Bread Program, you can pick up a fresh loaf for free or pay enough for you and someone else in our community. All proceeds go toward purchasing the ingredients to bake more bread for customers in need, as well as to local food programs in St. Cloud.  

The Virtue of Giving


Our co-owner Travis has a background in Buddhist studies, learning under Joan Halifax of the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In Buddhism, “Dana” is the practice of cultivating generosity. Dana calls everyone to be charitable, without any expectation of return.


In 2020, Covid-19 presented several risks to food access in the St. Cloud area and across the nation. Travis felt compelled during the Pandemic to respond to our community’s need for accessible food. We created the Dana Bread Program shortly after and have been baking good bread for good people ever since.

Affordable Bread for St. Cloud


Backwards Bread offers four loaves of fresh bread each day, although we welcome our customers to order ahead for more. We provide Dana Bread year round, Tuesday through Saturday. You can choose from our delicious white bread or whole wheat sourdough.

How to Get Involved

Eat Bread

Stop by and grab some delicious bread. You can ask for a free loaf or pay it forward for someone else. Ask us in the store about availability or call ahead.

Give Bread

Pay what you can and we’ll use the proceeds to bake more bread for programs that increase food access.

Tell Your Friends

Spread the word across our community and increase food security in the St. Cloud area.

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